Goodbye Pogo

December 1999-September 2012

Two weeks ago, we put down our 12-year-old rat terrier, Pogo.  He had cancer in multiple places in his body that was growing quickly.  We spent about a month thinking about it so it was a little bit tough on all of us, knowing that he didn’t have much time left.  This picture was taken on his last day with us, actually right before my husband took him to the vet.  My daughter wanted to do certain things before he went, so we gave him a bath, changed him out of his regular collar into this red one so we could keep the other one, and went out in to the backyard to take some last photos.

Of course, I immediately decided that I would do a photo book of Pogo pictures where I could also record our favorite memories of him.  I started one on Shutterfly but the project has briefly halted because I need to dig up all my pre-digital photo prints and get them scanned.  Pogo was 9 months old when we got him in the summer of 2000 and I was still over 2 years away from getting my first digital camera.  Seems like such a long time ago when you think about it in technological terms.  I also discovered the limitations of my date-based photo organization system, as I spent quite a bit of time searching through 10 years’ worth of digital photos for any that I had taken of the pets.  I haven’t yet found a more efficient way to tag or organize photos so maybe I need to think about redesigning my photo processing workflow a bit.

Mikey – his tongue is sticking out a bit so in this photo it looks like he has really big human-like teeth.

We miss Pogo a lot, and we’re grateful that we have our other dog, Mikey, to cheer us up.  Mikey is so cute that I would love to take more photos of him, but he isn’t very good about sitting still unless he’s asleep so I need to work on trying to get more shots of him.  I’m thinking that a fall leaf pile photo shoot is in order and also one in the winter since Mikey loves snow.



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