Dog Day Afternoon

The St. Paul Parks & Recreation Dept held its 2nd annual Bark & Rec Day a couple of weeks ago at Harriet Island Regional Park.  We dressed up our dogs Mikey (Pomeranian) & Lilli (mutt) as a cop & robber (Mikey looks good in black & white stripes being a gray & white dog) and headed out for some doggie activities. The event was really fun – we got swag bags for each dog full of bowls, treats, food, and toys.  There was a dog parade, an agility course where you could try out the various stations, an off-leash area, a fashion show (yes, for dogs!), some games for both dogs and people, and a very energetic demo of the Minnesota Disc Dog Club.  Our dog Mikey ended up winning 3rd place in an underwater hot dog eating contest (the hot dogs were underwater, not the actual dogs) in the small dog category and his prize was a ribbon and a toy.  Several vendors were there also, including some people who sell beer for dogs (Mikey had 2 cups!) and our friends from The Woof Room who were excited to see Lilli & Mikey again.  I wish we had stayed long enough to get some fashion show pictures but I did enjoy trying to get some good shots during the disc dog demo.  Those dogs are fast and some can jump so high that it’s amazing.

Mikey enjoys some beer for dogs

Mikey enjoys some beer for dogs

Lilli in her police costume

Lilli in her police costume

BarkNRec-8948-1 BarkNRec-9006-1 BarkNRec-9026-1 BarkNRec-9060-1 BarkNRec-9094-1 BarkNRec-9203-1 BarkNRec-9233-1 BarkNRec-9297-1

The dog is so high, he's barely in the frame

The dog is so high, he’s barely in the frame

Flying dog!

Flying dog!


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