Tall Ships 2013

The tall ships festival was back in Duluth in late July.  Since it was the 15th anniversary of the festival, I made my hotel reservations a year ago so we could stay in Canal Park.  I was really looking forward to getting some great pictures of the tall ships, and knew I’d have to probably get up early or stay out late to get some pictures of them out on the open water.

Well, while it was a nice weekend we could not have had worse weather.  It was way too cold and rainy and I didn’t feel like spending much time outside to try to get photos.  So I didn’t end up with many good photos at all.  We also planned to spend all of Saturday hiking around Gooseberry Falls but it was pouring down rain the entire time we were there so I didn’t get many photos there either.  Overall, the trip was somewhat of a disappointment.  Here are a few shots I did get.

DuluthJuly13_2-7306-1 20130726-IMG_7189-1 20130726-IMG_7111-1 20130726-IMG_6913-1 20130726-IMG_6689-1 DuluthJuly13_2-7393-1 DuluthJuly13_2-7355-1


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