Fall Flower Show 2013

Of the 5 seasonal flower shows at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in Como Park, the one I visit the least is the Fall Flower Show.  Now I know why – it’s boring.  Some ordinary mums mixed in with some chili peppers and olives.  Since I didn’t feel like there was much to shoot, I decided to process the photos in a more dramatic style.  It helped, but there wasn’t much else I could do with them.



Black & White Desert

In October I was at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and only had my Canon S95 point & shoot camera with me.  I shot in shutter priority mode in RAW and got a few nice photos.  Spent a lot of time in the Desert Dome which was all fairly uniform in color so I changed some of those shots into black & white images.

Omaha-112-1-2 Omaha-123-1 Omaha-124-1 Omaha-132-1

Collage of the Week: Water Lily Garden

Every summer the water garden surrounding the Como Zoo & Conservatory has these amazing water lilies.  The size, amount, and variety of lilies is so colorful and interesting, and I just love to shoot them.  I wonder how hard it is to tend a water garden like this?

Collage of the Week: Evening by the Lake

Summer evenings are great because the light lasts for such a long time and we’ve been having some very nice ones lately.  Last night I took my camera down to Como Lake and walked the entire 2 miles around it, shooting some photos as the sun was going down.  Even though it was near sunset, the sun was still pretty strong so I applied some presets in Lightroom to soften the images a bit.  I didn’t use the same presets for each photo so it doesn’t look completely uniform, but I tend to treat each image separately when I’m editing, even if part of a larger collection.  This is probably why I don’t feel like I have a very strong signature look or style like many photographers do.  To me it seems to make more sense to treat each photo completely independently and edit it in a way that enhances that particular image.

Collage of the Week: Spring Flowers

Summer is officially here now which reminds me that I really should get over to the Como Conservatory to shoot the Summer Flower Show.  This collage is from the most recent Spring Flower Show.  I think for the summer show I’ll take my extension tube and try some macro shots.